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== Update ==

For the sake of those Googling the same problem, I guess I'll update the status of my Apple Time Capsule.

My Time Capsule died again, and this time '''the LED is not turning back on''' when I plug it back in after a while (the hard drive still runs, though). So, I decided to finally dig in and see what the problem is. Looking around on Google and eBay, it seems that the reason why my problem happens is because the '''capacitors get blown on the PSU''', and therefore need replacing. Before I ordered any "capacitor kits", I wanted to see if this was true.

== Disassembly ==

# I unplugged everything from the TC, and let it sit for about 24 hours (this discharges capacitors).
# Flipped the TC over, and took a heat gun (on low) to loosen up the adhesive under it.
# Starting at the corner, carefully peeled the rubber base off. Applied extra heat as necessary.
# Unscrewed all the screws holding the metal plate.
# Unplugged the logic board power connector, SATA cable, SATA power, and removed thermal sensor on HDD (held in with some adhesive).
# Both the HDD and power supply were not screwed down, and thus I was able to simply lift them out of the assembly.

== Different PSU Models? ==

Apparently, this generation of Time Capsules are shipped with varying power supplies. Commonly, they are found with '''Flextronics''' units (P/N: 614-0412, 614-0414, or 614-0440). Less commonly, in my case, they are shipped with '''Delta Electronics''' units (P/N: 614-0464). While they both are '''specced similary''' and have the '''same connectors''', the output differs ever so slightly.

* '''Delta Electronics PSU'''
** Output: 12V==1.0A, 5.1V==4.3A
** Total Power: 33.9W
* '''Flextronics PSU'''
** Output: 12V==1.2A, 5.1V==3.8A
** Total Power: 34W

Upon closer observation (see the pics), there doesn't appear to be blown caps at all! It looks absolutely normal... yet it doesn't work. Guess it's another component that failed?





== Ordered new PSU ==

I figured that since the power supplies have similar specs and that they were all shipped on the same generation Time Capsule, it possibly wouldn't hurt to get the Flextronics one instead of Delta.

Why? The Flextronics power supplies are [|cheaper and more widely available] than the [|Delta Electronics one]. I like to not spend a lot of money (naturally), so I'll bite.

My only concern with this decision is if the logic boards '''were tweaked in design''' to accommodate certain PSU models during production, but I could be overthinking this. I'm still a newbie when it comes to most electronics topics.

Now I'm waiting for this Flextronics PSU to deliver, so '''I'll let you all know if my TC explodes or not'''.