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Mensagem original de: juanpeterkin ,


Hey there,

I just successfully changed just the digitizer on the galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition. I used 0.08mm molybdenum wire i bought on amazon.

>First take off the back cover and disconnect the digitizer strip and the power connector. you can find tutorials on youtube of how to take off the back cover and disconnect the strips.

>Secondly use heat gun to heat around the edges of the tablet up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. you can begin to heat the screen itself just a bit.

>Thirdly use a guitar pick or a credit card or any stiff playing card and pry under the glass around the edges. do not remove the screen from the frame.

>next heat the screen up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and begin to slide card between glass and lcd. Start from a corner. The glue should begin to raise up. When it has raised up enough that you can see the card under the glass slide the cutting wire under the glass and begin to slide it downwards in a sawing motion.

>Ensure you continue to apply heat the screen periodically to ensure it doesn't get cold on you.

>After completely removing the glass use finger to remove the glue or any glue removing tool. be gentle!

>remove old adhesive from edges and apply fresh adhesive.

I did not reapply loca because I did not want it to run under the lcd. With all the samsung phones that I've repaired the glue never got under the lcd, no matter how much glue I use, but I did not know what will happen with the tablet so  did not want to take the chance.

all the best!