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iphone 4/4s screen replacement no need to unscrew all the side screws off the frame of the iphone. just loosen and take off the four corner screws.

iseasmo saves your life.

when taking of standoff screws and wanting to put back they can be a pain ... use the spuder tip to start threading them and finish off with a flat head..

have the right tools out in arms reach , if you know your going to need it have it in plain sight... trust me sometimes you get so eager to start the repair and sometimes you forget that spudger in the drawer..

ipads digitizer only , DO NOT BE AFRAID TO USE HEAT .... i use a rework station with a tip to just focus it on the border so i dont worry about hitting the lcd. trust me heat is good... if you use it the right way.

iphone 6 screen assembly replacement- you may get the famous mic not working on speaker phone moment.

it took me a while to find this one out i felt stupid.. when transferring over the front camera / mic flex  and reinstalling on the new assembly most the time there is pre istalled adhesive that holds down the microphone... well the hole on the adhesive sometimes does not line up i usually just use the spudger tip to make the hole on the adhesive bigger to make sure the microphone hole is not covered up by it.

iphone 5-6 battery replacement -

save those extra 2-3 minutes do not take off the screen . leave it at a 80 degree and remove the battery without taking off the screen ..

im sure most of these are common sense but hey you never know...

ps this is first of many posts for me