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Home button not working



I bought a pink iPhone 5c on eBay with a smashed, non working screen .  The seller has removed FindMyPhone for me but couldn't remember her old passcode at the time.

After replacing the damaged screen,  I found I could not do a restore in itunes as the home button isn't letting me go into recovery or DFU mode.

I have the lastest iTunes on my Windows 10 PC.  I read somewhere online that all the 10 passcode attempts have to be used up in order to use restore in iTunes (on a PC  the phone doesn't know) so I used them. I now have 'iPhone Disabled, connect to iTunes' only.

I swapped the logic boards today. The pink Disabled iPhone is the one with the iTunes 'recovery' home button problem and I have a green iPhone 5c which just has a 'no service' issue but a working home button.

The pink phone now with the green 'no service' logic board has a working home button so it's not the pink's home button contacts.

The green phone with the pink Disabled logic board still has a home button issue.


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