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Original post by: Iphone Service Szeged ,


battery draining, and missing components near the battery connector



A customer brought an iPhone 5s, he said the battery  has drained extremely since 3 months. You brought your phone to other GSM service, they said "the problem is caused by battery, they changed battery, but the problem was not solved.

After I opened the phone, and I checked with Microscope, 2 components are missing near the battery connector (I marked in the picture with black circle)

The battery is draining extremely, and the phone say "accesories problem" when I plugged any cables (3rd party or original). I tried other battery, and other lightning connector, the problem was not solved.

I think this is U2 IC problem, but I would like to ask, what kind of components these, what is missing in the logic board.


thanks for your answer.

Tibor from Hungary


iPhone 5s