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Mensagem original de: ilatitao ,


It's best using an SSD. Hybriddrives are slower than an SSD, but they have more capacity than a normal SSD, and it's better for the price. SSD's is more likely to be more stable, and more robust if u drop it, or shake it.

The Hybrid's is like a HDD, but with an SSD built into it. Hybrid's, and HDD both have movement built into, and theres a small pin (the arm) there are writing on the spinning discs, and if they get out of control, if u drop it, or shake it, it will scratch the disc, and maybe get stuck.

An SSD has no movement at all. And after it's a mac mini, i think u are going to move around with it.

Good luck with it, and happy repairing.

Greetings, Rasmus