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iOzzy, this is only to identify the items in question.

U4000 is a Samsung K4B4G1646B-HYK0 IC,SDRAM,4GBIT,DDR3L-1600,HUMA,96B FBGA  Datasheet [|available here.]

U5000 is your SMC LM4FSXAH5BB which is a flashed (programmed Ic) and cannot simply be replaced.

U6100 is a SST25VF064C 64 Mbit SPI Serial Dual I/O Flash part of your LPC+SPI Debug Connector circuitry.

U9750 is a HD3SS213ZQE DisplayPort 1.2a 2:1/1:2 Differential Switch. It is part of your Display Mux: HDMI vs DP circuitry