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I think I figured it out It may help try it. The ghost touches could be from a lose screen that has to be fix are software. But you would have to determine that by these steps. I figured the screen would either be messed up if you dropped it and the cable is lose are a defect and can cause ghost touches are screen scrolling are wacky things going on with your screen physically or could be static shock if you do not have a static free cover or your power adapter if it's not original for the phone are a different kind can cause it as well all this I found out just doing everything I could think of that may cause this thing to act up. Unless you have a static free case or antishock case that may cause the problem as well. As I went a whole day without plugging in my charger after I done a few things that I will explain threw this whole thread that it did not act up one time with out plugging in my charger I used a charger for my samsung galaxy as it the same volts nothing different. There is a dead spot on the screen where no matter what you do it will not let you touch anything and it's toward the top in a straight line across. Very seldom it will let you touch anything and I think it's where the ghost touches are right in that spot.Now for software. No matter if you reset your phone from the hard reset if your signed up with google unless you go vanilla and not let google download everything you had on there again your in trouble if you do. For one it's software problem that has not been fixed and for 2 when cutting on and off it stops sometimes that's software. Now for the good part what others may find out is if you go in and reset your phone with just says reset to default instead of starting from scratch the phone doesn't act up. This phone is very picky on what it wants on it. Also I found that it could be the facebook app causing it to do this!! I promise you once I reset my phone to default and deleted the facebook app I had no problems yet all day!! Because as I got notifications from facebook on my phone locked up and started the wacky and not responding and all other kinds of things with ghost touches and all. I looked at facebook from the web with google chrome after the app was off again and no problems. Also I found out that if you do not use the default text keyboard are the default text message program on the phone no matter if you like what it does are not it will cause you problems!! I will update and let you know as I go threw finding out what really happens with doing all this again!! Thanks and hope this helps a lot of people as it certainly had me stumped. I love this phone but couldn't use it will get back as I find more problems if things start to acting stupid again. OO and I have the verizon VS980