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"Could not "bless" the external drive that has my working drive out of the laptop and in an enclosure USB"

It doesn't need blessing. If you  boot up holding down the Option key, does it recognize the external as a boot drive?

"I cannot install Leopard rto a USB drive from a boot off the install DVD either."

What happens when you try? Did you make sure to partition the drive GUID first?

Looking over your history, it appears that you're using the same SL installer each time, though you don't say if the coworker's drive had their system on it, or if you installed a fresh one on it from your SL installer. Do you have the same problem booting to some other system? Does it boot more slowly than it should to the system DVD? (Keep in mind DVDs are slow at the best of times.)

Actually, this sounds like a pretty sick computer. If you have to send it back more than twice for the same problem, Apple might send you a new computer. One of the benefits of Applecare.