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Well Abraham you have quit the diverse group of answers so far. Within them is the answers to your problem. I have had the same issues with my iPhone 3, 4s, 5s and now 6 plus. First thing is the cleanliness of your phone, which is a no brainer. If you want anything to work properly it needs to be kept clean. However do not stick a toothpick in anywear on your phone. You should start with a vacuum to remove any loose dust and dirt, then follow up with a cotton swab carefully. A toothpick could cause you damage that you will now have to get repaired. I am sorry for the length of that info, but i did not want to see you cause a problem that did not exist.

Here is the short and simple fix for your error codes. You need to use genuine OEM apple cables and charging plugs. You will have to really look hard at booth items to make sure they have "'''designed by Apple in California"'''. the knock off can look just like the real thing but they will not have that on them. Also don't cheap out, if you have old ones it's time to get a new set. you don't need to be cleaning the ends of old ones to get them to work. Mark my word after this simple task life will be all well in Apple land.