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Mensagem original de: Dan ,


@ Mary - Do you have a friend with a Mac? If you do you could try to setup your system in Target Mode and via a cable connection between the systems access the files on your system to back it up onto another drive. Make sure you have two different drives or partition the drive so you have both a place to store the Mac files (Journaled HFS+) and a second place for the Windows files (FAT32).

Using the same setup (Target Mode) you could try starting up your friends Mac off of your hard drive. If your friends screen is also fuzzy (not sharp) you know the issue is not hardware but a corruption within your Windows setup. Rebooting your friends Mac getting back to OS-X on it you can then run Disk Utility to try to fix the corruption using Repair Disk and Repair Permissions. You may need to run if a few times to fix all of the errors. You still may need to re-install Windows to fix the display drivers which I suspect is the real issue here.

The last thing here is to get a USB thumb drive (16GB or larger) and then using your friends Mac format it with OS-X Disk Utility, then from your friends Mac using the OS-X installer from the App Store install OS-X onto the thumb drive and copy over to it a copy of the OS installer. That way you have the needed setup to test your system on your own as well as have a means to recover the Mac OS-X.