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It is painful when you can't make and that remains just an inch away. From your description, I see the same thing you see. Due to the heat impact, your GPU failed. You can simply swap the GPU. Repair shops charge somewhere between $299 to $599 depending on the VRAM size. It's worth replacing GPU if you wanna make good out of a Mac.

But, if your concern is just the PC stuff in that Mac - I mean the data, you can simply transfer that data using one of the two options available.

First option: mount your iMac in Target Disk Mode over to another Mac and pull the data out the way you want using firewire 800.

Second option: tear apart your iMac and unmount your drive from brackets and mount it with another Mac to obtain data from the drive.

If you do not have any other Mac available, ship your iMac to us and see if we can be a help with you. Also ship out an external drive so that we can transfer data from your iMac. We will give you that service for free should you recycle your iMac.

Or if you want us to extract windows data from the iMac and put the data over an external drive, we will do that for you as well at fraction of industry standard cost. Just about $199. Shipping and return shipping is yours. You can google us as Apple Repair Club, Inc.

Hope it helps.