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Hello people I have read the several fixes here on the forum but I don't like cutting wires just to make it work it kind of half @%^ to me. Anyway after poking around the dealers and  asking questions they told me unfortunately there is no recall on this reoccurring problem of passlock lock out on my truck. So they told me to just buy the key ignition housing that has all the new components to the ignition including the passlock system inside. So I bought the new housing plus a bolt that you have to buy and went to my mechanic to install it plus programming of the new system in which they knew how to do it. Anyway my mechanic was way cheaper than what the dealer quoted to do the job about a few hundred dollars less. After they installed the new ignition housing with all the new components plus programming everything works great now no more false indicator chiming from my truck which indicateds that there is a problem with the system, that's when my truck just will not start for 10mins. For now I call I fixed.