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Bad LVDS cable, do I need to replace LCD display also?


I was given an HP Laptop with an all white display.  I determined that the LVDS cable appears to have over heated on the connector corner and two contacts are out of place. See first photo below.

This caused the LCD part not to work at all, but the backlight still does.  I can replace the cable, however, I don't know if I should replace the LCD display too because damage could have been done to the LCD connector too, since it was exposed to the same heat.  The second photo below shows the LCD connector.  It does appear that the LCD connector has changed shape slightly on the right side (second photo angle is 180º from first), though it appears that the contacts may still be completely functional (unlike on the LVDS Cable).  The cable is less than $15, where the LCD display is over $50.  (Replacing the LCD Display as well would obviously quadruple the cost of the repair.)

The other end of the LVDS cable is fine as well as the connection to the logic board.  The laptop shows video fine when connected to an external monitor.

Does anyone have specific experience with this particular situation?  Has an LCD connector worked fine even though a LVDS cable has overheated while plugged into it?




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