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The Late 2009 (2.26GHz) and Mid 2010 (2.4GHz) A1342 Unibody MacBooks use the same motherboard design, so you could swap in a later logic board:



...but the cost of the swap will probably run you more than the price you're likely to pay for the slower MacBook, unless the seller of the 2.26 is giving you a really low price. If you really want a 2.4GHz processor, you're better off buying a MacBook that's already got one; other benefits of the later generation is a faster graphics chip (NVidia GeForce 320M, an upgrade from the previous NVidia GeForce 9400M).

Unless you're doing very CPU-intensive things (gaming, video editing), a small difference in CPU speed isn't likely to make much difference in your day-to-day experience. You'll get a far bigger and more noticeable difference from adding RAM and boosting the speed of your storage device (5400 platter drive to 7200 platter drive, platter hard drive of any speed to solid state/platter SSHD hybrid, platter drives of any type to SSD).