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I had the same issue with the three beeps and it was not the Ram or the Ram Slot that went bad.  I had just replaced the HD and was inserting the original OSX boot CD and would come up with a Kernal error.  I inserted a OSX Snow Leopard and received the 3 beeps.  What I found I was doing incorrectly was trying to boot from a CD prior to formatting the new drive.  I couldn't get into the Utility mode to format a Journaled HD.  I tried every command I could find on the Internet and the one that worked was when I plugged in the Ethernet Cable and pressing/holding N after the tone.  It automatically took me to a spot that started the Utility menu so that I could Journal/Erase the new Hard Drive and back out to Load Mountain Lion.

Hope this helps someone as there are other reasons for the three beeps and it's not the Ram.