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So I'm doing this upgrade right now. What prompted me to do it was when I was replacing the top case on my 2010, people on eBay advertised them (2011s) as being compatible. I bought a top case from a 2011 (keyboard and touchpad attatched) and it worked just fine with my 2010 board.

I have had to stop to order new parts: so far the differences I've found are:

1) different heatsink

2) different battery connector.

3) left speaker has only one connection on the 2011. My 2010 speaker has two wires. I covered the wire and have yet to discover the difference.

I will update you guys more when I'm complete.

A 2011 i7 17" MBP still sells for 1700 bucks. I bought this MOBO for $400, 16gb ram for $150 and I needed a new battery anyways ($80). Not too shabby! I was able to recoupe $360 for the sale of my 2010 board and ram.