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'''Obligatory notice:''' ''Blocking ads prevents web publishers from supporting themselves, ad revenue is what pays the bills for websites.''

'''MacKeeper is JUNK '''malware… informed users should know this but….'' what are you going to do with someone so naive they  believe a popup add that informs them they must clean their computer?.''

IMnsHO '''Ad blockers as a rule are scams'''… they all run whitelists (in other words some Ads are OK - ''those that pay a fee to the developer'').

Depends also what browser they are using.. [https://extensions.apple.com/|Safari],  [https://www.google.com/cse?cx=002443141534113389537%3Aysdmevkkknw&cof=FORID%3A0&q=block+ad#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=block%20ad&gsc.page=1|Firefox] or [https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/ad%20block?hl=en-US|Chrome] AdBlock seems to be one of the favorites. . . but it's also one with a whitelist.

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