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Mensagem original de: Phil ,


Hi all

I got the ac card from Taobao. Some professional contacts in China ordered it for me and sent them out for me.

So I installed it, The form factor is exactly the same as the previous one. It's recognized as an ac card without a problem.

Now I had to bring the mac back to the apple store because f some strange coating peeling off the screen. They agreed to change the screen (after over 2 years of ownership) for free. The tech man called me at some point telling me the wifi card wasnt recognized. I explained why and he didnt make a fuss about i, wich is great.

He just told me to watch out : The card I have isntalled doesnt have the thermal insulator the original had, and it could be a problem if the wifi cards started to heat and could damage the motherboard.

So I guess I'm going to peel off the insulator from the original card and put it on the new one...

Just be warned.