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ok, i'll try to answer that question - but i'm no ps3 pro

what about warranty??

if it's under warranty - let sony handle it.

depending on the age of the ps3, the overheating could be a dust problem, this dust can also burn into the lens of the laser - so cleaning it with a slightly wet microfibre cloth could help..


the ps3 has a, design flaws that it couls easily overheat and b, the laser could be toast or c, the software has it's own will ;-)

another thing to try is a system restore, but i would try to adjust the motor/laser before that. (remove the disc from the ps3 and hold down the eject button for 12-15 seconds)

if everything fails - you will most probably need a new drive - and no, you can't use a regular bluray drive for that. the ps3 has a special optical drive - try a search on ebay ;-)