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Just wanted to let anyone interested know.

The "Magic Board" is the UniMac V4 Adapter.

This is available for $49.99 from www.RealMacMods.com

To Answer your question:

Great job on the EEprom swap, not an easy task. Unfortunately the pinout still needs to be adapted. Chances are (among other issues) the current pinout is connecting your VCC directly ground. Best case it wont work, worst case you get to find out what the insides of a GPU smells like.

I can't stress enough, do not try to fit a screen without an adapter to one of these iMacs.

You can build an adapter yourself, there should be enough info on the forums to figure it out, but with time and parts you will spend more than $50, and it has a much higher chance of failure.

The UniMac V4 adapter simply plugs into the back of the replacement screen. It handles all of the power, ground, and signal mapping. It also handles the EEprom directly.

As far as contact, i very rarely get on iFixit anymore.  I can be reached anytime via Email  Adam@realmacmods.com

- Adam