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Laptop Power Fails Whenever GeForce GT 525 starts to heat up


My Laptop Specs are as follows;

GPU: GeForce GT 525M

CPU: Intel Core i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz

Memory: 4.00 GB

Microsoft Windows 7

The problem is a few days ago my Laptop fell from my bed on to the floor. Although there is no apparent damage to the machine, now every time I run any game the GPU fan start to seed up as usual and when GPU reaches its peak the Laptop power fails. It does not shutdowns, the Laptop just turns off like some one pulls a plug on a desktop PC.

I disassembled the whole machine to check if any part had slipped from its place due to the fall but none. And while it was open I also dusted off and cleaned the board. Reassembled the machine and ran it again. But same, it keeps on working for hours without any problem as long as you don't run a Video Game.


Dell Inspiron n5110