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I've personally replaced about 30 screens. I've had one break on am LCD that was not attached to the mid-frame properly (the sticker covering the adhesive was not even removed!) Therefore when I applied the slightest amount of pressure the whole LCD shattered! I almost think the phone is a knock-off. The second one I've had issue with is the Note 2 currently in my possession. The backlight (LCD) won't show a picture, but the touchscreen is working as well as the home button and menu/back buttons. I think I'll try the fix stated above regarding loosening the screws surrounding the headphone jack. If that doesn't work, I'll try the front facing camera/led/sensor as I noticed that the screw took an unusual amount of torque to reattach. And if worse comes to worse I'll remove the glass, clean the lcd, inspect the cables, the top portion of the lcd where the digitizer, lcd and backlight attach. I really hate making customers wait, but at the same time I have them all sign a waiver that states, "replacing/repairing the glass on today's devices takes a high amount of skill. There is some danger involved which includes rendering your screen useless..." Two out of 30+ isn't bad considering the different breaks that I receive. I've refined my process, purchased a screen removal machine, and insisted that repairs take place on my time. Being rushed causes so many issues, including over application of the glue or missing steps (like forgetting to replace the home button).