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Damper Unit

There is another thing to check which is a common problem. The evaporator fan motor circulates the cold air from the coils through the freezer compartment and via a channel into the fridge compartment. That cold airflow into the fridge compartment is usually regulated by an actuator which opens and closes a baffle, sometimes referred to as a damper. If this component fails it will usually do so in the closed position - which means the freezer works fine but the fridge side doesn't stay cold.

Locate the damper unit which is normally at the top of the fridge compartment and on the side nearest to the freezer compartment on a side-by-side model, and check that the baffle isn't stuck and that the actuator is opening and closing it correctly according to the temperature inside the fridge when the door is closed. You should feel cold air blowing in from the freezer evaporator fan (you might need to hold the door switch closed). If not you probably have a faulty damper unit, broken baffle slider or the thermistor, control board or cable that powers the unit is faulty.