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Mensagem original de: Eric Hawksley ,


Speaking as one of the great unwashed masses who wouldn't know what to do with a wet iPhone if you handed me a paper towel, I can say that it's no wonder the world at large sees tech experts as standoff-ish, socially retarded, coke-bottle-lensed basement-dwellers!  This is the problem with tech geeks, and it will perpetuate the image problem you have as long as you whine about the "quality" of the questions you get.  Wouldn't you say that the expertise that you have at your command has been somewhat hard-earned?  Like it has taken a lot of time, effort, experience, and thought to get to the level of understanding you have?  Why do you discount all of that value by insisting that the answers are "so simple" or that any questions we have after reading the back of the box are ill-considered?  The people that haven't spent all that time developing the knowledge that you possess have likely been developing skills that you in turn will someday value.  When you disrespect their reliance on you, you disrespect yourselves.