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I had purchased a 27 inch I mac circa 2009 or 2010 the first time that they were released. I think it was a core i7 with 4 cores and a 4670 or 4600 series gpu. The v ram was 1 gig and 1 tera hard drive. Don't recall the cpu. It may have been 2.8 or 3.2. I know that I was very happy with it the night before. What started my trouble is the next morning. I think I burned a dvd. 4.7 gigs. The screen started flickering. Went to black than back to white and black dots dancing. This went on for 5 minutes and the screen came back. I was good for hours. Just that first couple of minutes when waking up in the morning the computer that is after putting to sleep the night before and burning a dvd in the morning. This freeque me out. I return it. I exchange it 3 times with various other quality issues before I gave up and opted for a laptop. The laptop had all sorts of issues including external video flickering on a monitor. Two years of constant visits to apple store. One year in I had an exchange for a newer model. The newer model had logic board changed and fail similarly. About 6 months out of warranty I had a total hard drive failure. Apple refused to fix. I buy a hard drive at Micro Center for 79. The original 750 the new 1 tb drive. Apple refuse to even loosen the screws on the old hard drive. Special tool was needed. They did it for me at micro center for free. The only thing apple would do is help me reinstall the OS from their archive. The computer I sold on Craigs list for 1/3 the price I pay for or close to that. I by the mac book for 2800 sold for 1100 on crags list. So a bit over the 1/3 mark. Sad story is mine. Mind you while the hard drive is failing in a 12 month period the apple genius bar tech kept having me reinstall the software blaming on software problem for corrupt areas. This should have been the change of hard drive while it was under warranty. Shame on apple. I also filed with the City of Chicago consumer agency that told me there was nothing they could do for me. So apple is above the law. What can some one like me do with no real cash to fight the big dogs. I just have to except that big corporations with team of lawyers can get away with anything. All I can do is blog about this.