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It can be several things.

1: You will need to know if the sensor is working. Try to make very long exposures, starting with somthing like a second in daylight going on to 10 seconds in daylight.

If nothing registres on the sensor i would fault the sensor / body.

2: If anything registrers on the sensor, i would look at the aperture. It could be stuck aperture blades in the lens or a stuck aperture "lever" on the camerabody

You can also try removing the battery and memory card for a few minutes, and reinsert to see if that solves the issue.

In the menu settings try to do a reset for the camera

Find the reset switch located on the bottom of the camera

If you can't find it, see page 120 of the D50 manual

This is a hard reset of the Camera.

This has to be asked because it has happened in the past.....is the lens cap off?