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Mensagem original de: Emily ,


Can't seem to get a consistent response. It looked like the R was unplugged and then all worked fine. That was yesterday. Today, the message re-appeared. I have followed the suggestions and carefully removed the WIFI card, unfortunately it's made no difference. If it's related to the SD card or insert, I can't figure out why or how as all looks AOK. This !@#$ thing has only been used since mid-August (it's now mid-December) and I'm stuffed if I can't get it working before Xmas. Nintendo will accept it for return to be looked at but that's no good until after Xmas day. It seems to work fine without WIFI so I'll set it off but that's not a long-term fix for us as my son watches the videos, gets demos etc from the online shop. If anyone else knows anymore on this error message PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!!

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions so far :)