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Original post by: Dmitriy Bogatov ,


Hi guys!

I had this problem on Mavericks today and spent 4 hours dealing with it. I have tried EVERYTHING:

* deleting finder prefrences
* deleting .DS_Strore files
* cleaning desktop
* login as a guest
* login in safe mode
* even reinstalling OS X (not clean install, though)

nothing helped.

But, eventually, I saw the post in Google groups, and it solved my problem. Solution is to obvoius.

GOOGLE DRIVE WAS THE PROBLEM. Indeed, Google Drive very closely works with finder, and, as I suppouse, at some point they had conflict, which made finder relaunch all the time.

So, I quit GoogleDrive and even without restarting Finder started workiking normally.

P.S. I was even ready to buy external drive to make backup and make clean install.

Hope, it will help you!