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Actually I happen to have had the same phone in fact out of all the phones I have had it was totally my favorite.  But I still have the remains of mine and I know exactly how to take it apart and put it back together so it looks just like when you bought it from the store.  If you would like I can fix it for you for something like twenty bucks + parts if they are needed.  I have recently come into some bad luck with phones and now I am using this version pantech maurader.  It's not a horrible phone but I just recently bought an LG Optimus G for sprint and it came to me with a cracked screen and Noone claims responsibility for it.  So I have decided to fix it myself but it costs 80.00 which I don't have to spend on a phone.  So I figure I can fix a few phones and make the money instead of letting phone repair people rob me and others.   In short I can definitely repair your phone at a cheap and manageable rate. If you are interested just reply to this post or email me at please include photos if possible so I can determine what is needed.  (sorry if I'm not supposed to post my email like that,  just trying to help out someone in need just like me.)   And that goes for !@#$ near any phones well.  I'm on number 3 already.

Here is a search list I found on my X-Box 360 that has everything you should need to fix this phone videos a couple options on ebay for around 30 dollars,  even includes tools.