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Mensagem original de: Jeremy Wenrich ,


I've done a lot of research in the last couple days and gotten several responses from different sources.  There seem to be 3 major schools of thought when it comes to ESD safety.

(1) Minimal protection is required, if any at all.  Plenty of people claim to simply touch objects around them and avoid moonwalking across carpet.  That is sufficient to avoid damaging computer equipment.

(2) Connecting to the ground of a receptacle is normal procedure and perfectly safe.  "The ground" of a receptacle is there for a reason, right?

(3) The only safe and reliable way to ground an ESD mat, and one's self, is to pound a stake into the ground.  If this isn't possible at least connect to an unpainted metal pipe or structural material that leads to the ground.  Connecting to any system where there are unknowns carries a small risk, but a risk nonetheless.  Even testing the ground of a receptacle may not be accurate enough as there are too many variables.

So, it seems that for the simple RAM install on a shoe string budget, the first is just fine.  Typical servicing and PC building is probably well suited for the second, especially when working in the same trusted environment.  Lastly, when absolute certainty is desired, connecting to unpainted metal pipes or, better yet, creating one's own ground with a stake driven into mother earth gives the greatest assurance.  Anyone doing house calls or working on other people's expensive computers might be best served by considering the last option despite the extra annoyances that go into it.