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I've had "walking" shoes with a supposed "1000 mile wear guaranty" delaminate or  separate from the upper or wear through the tread in less than 100 miles of casual walking on concrete sidewalks.  Rather than go through the hassle of getting the manufacture to honor the warranty and pay for return shipping, I repair separations and delamination with Gorilla Glue.

The normal lifetime of a modern casual shoe with a non-leather sole is generally less than 1 year of actual use. Composite soles with a tread and a foam midsole wear the fastest, rubber lug block soles somewhat slower.  Soles stitched to the upper using a Goodyear-type welt , and vibram-type molded soles can be replaced, but may cost more than a new pair of shoes.

Tread wearout is very annoying if the upper and lining are still in good shape.

If you have a hole, try using McNett Freesole.  Thoroughly clean and roughen the surface with sandpaper and lighter fluid or naptha and applying it in an even layer that extends 1" beyond the hole in all directions. Allow to dry for 48-72 hours, then use a sanding block to feather the edges.

PS If your shoes consistently develop holes in a particular location, rather than wearing evenly across the width of the sole, then that is a pressure point, and the best "fix" is prevention, not repair.  A rigid shoe insole insert combines with an off the shelf insole will help distribute the wear more evenly.