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Hi lindsey! Ive seen this before. I had a severly water damaged 4s. I replaced the battery for starters, (which most always goes bad after being wet) once I got the phone functional again I noticed the wifi was grey and bluetooth would not connect at all. Which I hear is common with ios 7. not in this case. I tried to replace the signal antenna, no luck, replaced the wifi antenna, no luck. Yes I also tried the hair dryer as a last resort and still nothing. Thag is only a temporary fix anyway. What I believe it I is, is a bad wifi chip. The corrosion and contaminates from water stays on the motherboard causing a bad connection to the flex cables. It can be cleaned off, but the wifi chip cannot. a new one must be soldered into place. The easiest way is to buy a $50 motherboard or pay $100 to have someone replace the chip. I hope this helps. Its a lost cause lol good luck!