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Mensagem original de: Steven ,


Hi, thanks so much for the detailed response.

Some of the symptoms that lead me to believe I believe to have a faulty connection between the GPU and the logic board.

-Upon pressing the power button the unit powers on ( fan spins, white led illuminates )

- No chime

- Screen does not come on or light up in anyway ( apple logo on lid does not illuminate )

- Keyboard shows no sign of life ( caps lock does not come on  and keys do not illuminate )

- USB ports do not seem to function ( plugged a USB light in during startup )

Seeing the GPU chip has the Southbridge onboard which controls sound, keyboard, USB along with the screen not showing any signs of life my guess is that the GPU over heated and may need to be reflowed.

I've tried

- resetting smc and pram

- resetting all cables and connections

- reseating all hardware

I have some experience in reflowing laptops, desktops and video cards with a hot air station and just recently acquired a PCB preheater. I am just now starting to work on Macbooks so this will be my first attempt at a GPU re-flow on a MBP. There for I would like to gather as much information as possible before jumping .You can see some of my reflow videos here