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Mensagem original de: Glen Meiring ,


It looks like the whole problem was the main battery.  I have finally received two new batteries and this computer is working well.

The original battery appeared good from everything I could see.  The LED indicators on the back showed all lights lit.  The charger shows green.  The coconut battery program shows everything looks good on the battery.  However, when I tried to use this battery in a second computer, that computer exhibited the same symptoms as this computer.

So, the final solution appeared to be the main battery.  In the process, I reset the PMU and replaced the PRAM battery.  These other steps may have contributed the final solution.

(Note: The old PRAM battery measured something like 4.1 volts on a voltmeter.  I'm guessing the original PRAM battery was not bad)

(Note 2:  Remember the second computer I tried using with this computer's battery?  It's working fine with a new battery installed)

Thanks for those who contributed.