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irwan, you did not tell us which Netbook you have. For the S10 it should work like this:"

1. Remove the battery- To remove the battery, snap the battery lock No. 1 to the open position. Press and hold lock No. 2 to the unlocked position and pull the battery out of the system.

2. Remove the HDD/DIMM Cover- Remove the small security screws and lift off the cover

3. Remove the HDD - Use a probe to lift out the hard disk drive tab, then pull the tab to disconnect the connector and pull the drive out of the system.

4. Remove the palm rest / touch pad assembly - Remove the four screws on the bottom of the machine as shown. Turn the system over and open the cover. Carefully lift the palm rest up, then open and disconnect the ZIF connector and the touchpad/microphone connector. Remove the palm rest.

5. Remove the keyboard – Next to the HDD connector take out the single keyboard retaining screw, to the right of the connector. Turn the system over, open the cover, and remove the two keyboard retaining screws, next below the spacebar on the keyboard. Open the latch on the keyboard ZIF connector, and lift the keyboard out of the system.

6. Remove the Bluetooth board (not on all models) – It is located near the ZIF connector for the keyboard. Remove the single screw, then lift the Bluetooth card up and disconnect the connector from the motherboard. Lift the card out of the system, and remove the cable from the card.

7. Remove the Keyboard bezel – Remove the 4 remaining screws from the underside of the laptop then turn over and remove the 4 bezel screws and lift off the bezel.

8. Remove the motherboard - Disconnect the speaker cable, camera cable, and LCD connector screw and ZIF connector. Remove the five motherboard retaining screws, then remove the PCI Express slot filler, if necessary. Pull out slightly on the edge of the plastic frame to release the motherboard, then carefully lift the motherboard out of the chassis.

9. Remove the BIOS/RTC battery – Turn the motherboard over and on the underside there is the bios battery disconnect the battery and leave out for 10 to 20 minutes, just to be sure.

10. Now do all these steps in reverse to reassemble the laptop and your BIOS should be reset." from [|here.]

Hope this helps, good luck.