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Hi Damien,

It could either be the (visible) button that needs to be replaced or the power button switch (small circuit board). Both can be ordered, e.g. on ebay ([|button] and [|switch]).

However, before buying anything, I would check which part is actually needed.

To check the switch: Remove the switch/circuit board of the power button and lay it on the table (the contact or "eye" on top). Take a pencil and use the side of the eraser, slightly pushing on the contact several times. You need to hear a "click" or at least "feel" the "click" to be sure that the switch is still ok. If it is still ok, I would inspect the power button. Your issue seems to point to a worn out piece, either the switch or the button.

Use [guide|13050|this guide] for replacing the power button, and [guide|13041|this guide] to get access to the power switch (see last step).