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In the back of my mind I remember there was an issue with video drivers with Lion. As we never had any issues (we have newer systems) I didn't save the info. Maybe someone else remembers or can direct you to the details. I think the issue was resolved in Mountain Lion but I can't say for sure.

I guess my first question here is have you spoken with Apple directly or brought your system into an Apple Store to at least see what they say?

Have you tried running Apple Hardware Test (AHT) if so what did it tell you?

What gets me is the over heating problem you state in your link'ed details, and the black horizontal lines. Both imply a problem within the GPU its self. I don't think the re-mounting (re-balling) would fix this (unless you swapped out the GPU chip).

I'm not sure if your removal of the drivers just kicked the GPU into it's most basic mode to bypass the damaged services in the GPU or bad driver ''kexts'' in the OS, or it could be both!