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Mensagem original de: Tyler ,


I have repaired a lot of these in the past, the left hinge specifically.  I go to [|Parts-People] to get the part for this repair.  This model you can purchase the hinge and back panel together for about $30 + shipping.

To replace, there are just a few screws holding the hinge to the base of the laptop, and I believe you only need to remove the power button cover right below the laptop.  You should be able to fish out the WIFI antenna and disconnect the display cable also.

The front display snaps off of the back, then you can remove the display and mount it to the new part.

Its been a year or so since I have repaired one so I don't recall the specific steps on replacing it.  [guide|4147|This guide] shows part of removing the display from the lid, but is missing the removal of the lid from the base.

I know my answer is late, but I hope it might help you or someone else.