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Brother Perry, try this first:"


The instrument clusters are equipped with a self diagnostic test feature to help identify electronic problems. Prior to any test, perform the Self-Diagnostic Test. The self diagnostic system displays instrument cluster stored fault codes in the odometer display, sweeps the gauges to the calibration points, and bulb checks the warning indicators. When the key is in the ON position with the engine not running, the MIL will remain illuminated for regulatory purposes.

To activate the Self-Diagnostic program:

With the ignition switch in the OFF position, depress the TRIP ODOMETER RESET button.

Continue to hold the TRIP ODOMETER RESET button until "Sof" and a number (software version number appears  briefly in the odometer window, then release the button. If a fault code is present, the cluster will display it in the odometer display. When all fault codes have been displayed, the cluster will display “end” or "E" for end in the odometer display.

You can also try a reset by disconnected the negative battery cable and leave it over for about 1/2 hour. This should reset most of the codes on your Dodge (just remember that it will also reset the codes on your radio:-)"