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It being Winter time many peoples homes don't have enough moisture in the air to dampen down the static charge you get from walking around a carpeted floor or even your legs and arms rubbing in your clothes. Even in the summer when you have A/C running you can have a static problem.

So during the winter months (or anywhere were its dry) you must control static by using proper ESD practices. Use anti-static mat which is grounded correctly to work on your gear and wearing a anti-static wrist strap that is connected to the mat so everything is fully discharged static-wise.

The other concern here is using the correct tools when working on powered equipment and removing battery packs. You need to use non-conductive pry tools [product|IF145-000|(as an example)] when disconnecting the battery power leads and using great caution with your screwdriver when removing screws internally when the battery is connected. If don't you could damage something.