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Mensagem original de: Ann ,


I had a storm one night.  The satelitte dish was hit and went down the line to which my DVR and my PS3 were hooked up.  To make a long story short, I thought the HDMI ports on my TV were shot but come to find out, all three ports are fine.  The roku works, but the DVR and PS3 do not.  I hooked up the PS3 to another TV in the house and voila, the PS3 is the one with the HDMI board shot.  How can I replace this for little expense?  I know the PS3 itself works because when it is plugged in, the light is on and the wi-fi light is on.  And....actually, I had not been on the system for over 6 months and never receive emails.  However, I just received email from Play Station Network on Tuesday after trying to see if the PS3 worked on Sunday.  I believe the machine communicates through Wi-fi but I am unable to see visual on my TV because the HDMI is blown from the storm.  I miss my PS3.