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You're kidding right? I love the scratches and dents on mine, adds character. Definitely don't try bondo, LOL

Here's what I would do:

gather productions shots of vehicles in Star Wars Episodes 4,5&6

get a piece of metal, practice making it look like what you see in those pictures, ask someone if you are actually pulling the effect off, not your mom either, you need a brutal honest opinion if you want to succeed. Beginners tend to stroke their ego and convince themselves crap is art.

sketch out with pencil on your laptop the pattern you are going to use, with patience and your NEW SKILL you've honed (which truly makes you @&@*^% and cool) , you could make yourself one rough  looking laptop that geeks planet wide will envy. You don't find pretty laptops in bladerunner do you? NO, you don't.

Life is an adventure, live it man!

Just don't skip the practice part, and don't kid yourself, get that second opinion, or you may end up with an amateur looking piece of crap.