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Original post by: Greg ,


The specks are in exactly the same location in every shot.  Size and sharpness increase as I stop down.  That indicates the surface.  I had it wet cleaned but it didn't solve the problem.  If it is oil it is somehow hardened because it will not come off.  You can see the sensor is clean under a magnifier and at an angle where it reflects the light.  BUT. . . at a certain angle where there is no reflection you can see a microscopic array of dots with a jewelers loupe.

This is not an isolated problem and other people have chimed in on other forums.

Also some forums on flickr.

I will send to Nikon.  If it is a cheap fix I will do it.  If not then I will sell it for parts.  Beware the d80!!!  I would venture that many more people would see this problem if they shot at f11 or up.  Then Nikon would have to fess up to the problem.