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Venessa, I would check the charger and make sure that you have the proper voltage coming out of the adapter. Check the charging port with a multimeter and see if it has power when the charger is plugged in. Check the solder points to make sure that are properly attached to the logic board. Sometimes the solder connections brake. Of course, make sure that you have a battery that still holds a charge, and make sure that it makes proper contact. Check for corrosion on the points. I would also check the battery connectors with a multimeter while the DS is plugged in. See what voltage you get on those. It is also possible that this is caused by either a loose connection that holds the top screen ribbon cable to the board or that the ribbon cable to the top screen is damaged and will require replacing.Your DS power light will flash briefly but is is not going to boot because of this issue. The other thing you want to check on are the fuses F1 and F2. Check those with a mutlimeter for continuity. Hope this helps, good luck.